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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Anamu Petiveria alliacea

Anamu Petiveria alliacea

Scientic:Petiveria Alliacea

English:Guinea hen weed, Congo Root,Garlic weed

Yoruba: Yena
Odu: Iwori-irete

Children of Obatala and Yemaya should not handle this Herb, its a Taboo for them, in general, if its for your health that is a different situation.
This herb is a very powerful talisman all by itself, many covens of the old ways use it, because of its ability to disburse and ward away spirits of any kind, covens apply Anamu away from their shrines of egun worship and Orisa temples. This herb is amazing in its healing abilities,
I recommend this herb to cleanse homes especially before moving in your new residence.
take a few ounces of both Anamu, gray Nickers and boil for about 25 minutes, cool off, add raw okra, use it as a floor cleanse. refresh the home the following day with fragrance like honeysuckle, and light a white candle to your Guardian Angel.
To cleanse the Aura of someone that is in need of a positive charging Combine Anamu,Basil,Pazote Rue. a bath is made with said items, and they wear white for the days to come. This type of cleanse is to be combine with a Head petition" is the correct English word to describe that act of the Spanish term Rogaccion implies.  
When a client is haunted by spirits of Negative force the Person is cleanse with a combinations of herbs (Anamu, Gray nickers, Okra
Warning to women that are pregnant, It can cause abortions if ingested
Medicinal Uses:
If you can stomach the decoction It is great for cancer and tumors in combination with chemotherapy . 

reduces spasms
reduces anxiety
kills cancer cells
reduces fever
kills fungi
lowers blood sugar
reduces inflammation
kills insects
kills leukemia cells
promotes menstruation
reduces free radicals
prevents tumors
increases perspiration
kills viruses
expels worms
kills Candida

increases urination

enhances immunity

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